About us

Everything started with Bi’Zeytin … *

A sacred tree, olive tree, whose history dates back 6 thousand years and whose homeland is Anatolia … Such that the symbol of immortality in mythology … Here, the story of Bi’Zeytin begins with the hand-in-hand cooperation of 3 female entrepreneurs who believe in the longevity, abundance, unifying and productivity of olive tree and who are in love with nature and non-toxic food.

While continuing their lives with the achievements of corporate life for years, the first saplings of Bi’Zeytin were planted as a part of this dream in the valley between the mountains of Ida and Madra, time passed, the saplings grew, developed, became trees. The first crops of the olive grove have been collected, squeezed and started to reach you as pure, natural extra virgin olive oil.

* “Bi’Zeytin”: “AnOlive” : an olive grain

Our products

Own Groves Series

Early Harvest Cold Pressed

Filtered & Unfiltered 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our commitments

We are responsible to our environment.

We contribute to waste management by choosing the packaging of Konsensus products from recyclable materials.


We care about nature and earth. We do not use herbicide (poison) by making natural fertilizers during the production of our products. Because nature is entrusted to us.


For equal labor, our principle of equal pay. We do not discriminate between men and women in all our labor payments.


We are working with all our strength to ensure the sustainability of our products with good agricultural practices in the quality and taste appreciated by you.



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Store: Cumhuriyet Neighborhood Menderes Street No:6/B Postal Code: 17110 Kepez-Çanakkale
Garden: Balıkesir-Edremit-Soğanyemez

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